Front Slide Combo, Celebrations, Spiderman castle
Front Slide Combo, Celebrations, Spiderman castle

About us

Smiley Riley Leisure was established in 2007 and has grown an excellent reputation priding itself on friendliness, reliabilty and flexibility.  We aim to work around your needs - so if you need a castle at short notice we'll do our best to get you one... we all know haw the weather can change all of a sudden. And that goes for our cancellation policy - if the weather is bad on the day, there is no cancellation fee - just let us know as soon as you can.


Mark Riley

Info & Bookings:

01538 724 057

07751 152 634

Latest Addtion: 

Front Slide Combo Castle!

Perfect for narrower gardens - 12ft wide x 15ft. 

Lovely neutral party theme.

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